This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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[1.5.2] Paradise Adventure | Custom Plugins | 24/7


We are currently in the process of replacing all non-custom plugins with our own systems
Custom Plugin Status:

Server Shop (buy/sell)
Get $ from killing mobs, voting, and playing mini-games
Custom Recipes
Custom Enchanting System (select which enchant type you want)
Mob Hunter
Fish Hunter
Treasure Hunter
Player to Player Travel (when both players want it)
Player Homes
*Player Warps
Health Overlay
Different Level Mobs
Sheep spawn with colors
Giants spawn naturally
Pigmen and Blaze can spawn in normal worlds
Increased Villagers spawn
Increased Witches spawn
Increased Wither Skeletons spawn
Find items from Fishing
& More...
Keep your inventory on Death
Player Handbook
Use $ to feed or heal yourself
Local and Global Chat Channels
Whisper and Reply Command
Player managed Home system
Self Manged Claims through Grief Prevention

Are you ready for some Adventure?

Want to explore properly decorated dungeons that challenge you with clues, puzzles, and ever challenging obstacles?


  • Custom Dungeons
  • Follow Clues to find Hidden Treasure, or simply explore until you find them
  • Solve Puzzles to reveal Treasure
  • Enter Dungeon fights with you or some friends for more Treasure
  • Battle (PvP) Arenas
  • Slot Machines
  • Multiple Lotteries
  • Spleef Arenas
  • Mob Arenas
    • Gate Travel
    • Item Banks
    • Villager & Crop Enhancements
    • Server Contests

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