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InfinityCraft is a Friendly PvP Minecraft Server. We have got a new protection system called PotionProtect. You can buy a ProtectingPotion by typing /pot 1, 2 or 3. If you have bought one of these potions you can just simply throw it on the ground. When it hits the ground a 10x10 (Pot 1), 16x16 (Pot 2) or 40x40 (Pot 3) region will be created. The region is protected from bedrock to sky. Inside your region it's non PvP and no one else can build there. If you want to add someone to your region simply type /addfriend. If you want to add a new owner type /addowner. You can also remove friends or owners by typing /delfriend or /delowner. To check who protected the region you can type /regioninfo.


If someone is cheating he will be quickly caught. He will then get a perm ban. Things like X-ray, fly, etc are perm banable.


We have also coded a plugin called DutyCraft. DutyCraft is Call of Duty in Minecraft. Just type /td to join! You can buy new weapons, check your stats and many more!!

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