This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Legion Gaming's Minecraft Server - Survival, Minig

Spawn At Sunrise
Spawn At Night
Another Look at Spawn
Inside of Spawn
Server Rules

Legion Gaming Network


-We have a strong core of a staff that work well and productively together to help the community.

-A shop that is both good for selling and buying

-The ability to meet people from around the world

-You can engage in Player vs Player combat and loot unlocked chests lawfully.

-Beautiful Spawn

-Free to build anywhere outside of spawn

-Many towns are sprouting up that you can join.

-Kingdoms to join are coming soon!

Premium Packages:

We currently have two premium packages for sale: Blaze and Zombie. These packages are often on sale and can even be bundled into months at a time to save money!

Blaze costs $10 for one month. With the Blaze package you get the [Blaze] Prefix, access to colored names, nicknames, /hat, /enchantall natural, and access to the VIP Lounge. With the Blaze Package you also get access to /gm 1.

Zombie costs $5 for one month. With the Zombie package you get the [Zombie] Prefix, 10 Diamond Blocks, 10 Emerald Blocks, /hat, and VIP Lounge access. You also get the /fly command.

All of these packages + deals and be found on our website!

Server List:

Minecraft: or



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