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Join us now at valhalla pvp. (what is factions, skip this bit if you know what factions is) We are a interesting faction server that focuses on focuses on going the extra mile and offering much more the our community. We are a factions server, the way it works as a brief summary is it allows you to create a faction/clan/guild/squad and you can either play with people or by yourself. you fight for power to gain it you will have to either raid and attack enemies bases where they have called home for their faction in hopes for juicy loot. You can also become the strongest by building an empire where you are unraidable and/or having the biggest army as you gain 5 power per person in your faction. Thats right.. power is based by units and each person starts at 5, you gain 1 power per 1-5min but you will also loose power if you die. If you have naver played factions we invite you to join us, its dynamic, fun and full of adventure (you'll understand this when you have found an enemies base and have surrounded him/her with a couple dozen tnt cannons and a few friends to slaughter once they come out. And most important of all, that feeling of achievement when you finally win the battle and open a door just to find chestfulls of diamond). What you may be wondering is what makes us special and here's why:

What makes us different:

We take our pvp seriously, we understand that this is a HUGE aspect of factions and due to this we have created a PVP RANK LADDER for you to scale on and gain power, wealtth, status and sometimes unlockable goods >:D such as pets and trails. This ranks are obtained by your kill score as well as the status of your current faction. After each month we decide which players deserve to be in the trial ceremony where people will battle in the arena for ranks. EVENTS! since we are talking about the pvp arena we might as well talk about all of the different events. Dungeons, pvp battles, quests and even minigames are some of the different content that we will be having in our weekly events. DUNGEONS + CUSTOM BOSSES, thanks to some of the awesome plugins in our server we are capable of creating epic experiances for our community as we have player mande dungeons with custom made bosses and loot that refreshes every week, making our dungeon system a fun and challenging race for loot. Finally our ECONOMY, we have maked sure to put extra care so that our economy is blanaced and can not be abused, one of the ways we achieve this is by setting fair prices in our server shop and only selling/buying production paterials such as wheat,iron,carrots,etc to leave space for people to sell things like diamond/emerald in their PERSONAL SHOPS that you can rent in the spawn

So we welcome you, give our server a try and become part of our community. Some of the other things we offer:

-Nice, mature and FAIR staff.
-24/7 ON

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