This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Welcome to CrappyCraft’s Description!

                           We are proud to say

                   we are the #1 Crappiest Server!

What makes us crappy:

Our server includes a crappy treehouse type spawn, with a crappy enchantment area, crappy shopping center, and an even crappier pvp zone!

We don’t believe in combat log, so if you log off in combat you’ll merely be fined $10.00, so you can run like a chicken all the time! (So long as you have money bags to spare.)

We have a totally OP crappy mine where you can mine stacks and stacks of your favorite precious gemstones, and turn them into cold hard cash! We’re just kidding, you only make Crap Coins!

If you love training your mcMMO levels with ease, you’ll love our crappy training center!

Default Player Ranks Crappy Features:

Access to Faction Commands.

Access to set 1 home.

Access to tpa commands.

Access to repair signs for a price.

Access to message, mail, and ignore commands.

Crappy Server Features:



Breaking Obsidan with TNT and Creeper Eggs.

Disabled Fall Damage.

New Enchants from DP’s and Events.

Higher than normal enchants for DP’s and Events.

Stew heals hearts and is free at spawn.

Crappy Server Rules:

None. Really.

If you spam we might mute you for a bit if you’re annoying us, that’s about it.
So yeah…

Have a crappy day! ^_^

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