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AoceTW New Zealand Minecraft Server

  1. Server Name: AoceTW
  2. IP:
  3. Type: PVP and PVE
  4. Server Location: New Zealand, 24/7 Dedicated Server
  5. What is special about our server?
    a. We have PVP, Factions
    Join a strong faction and fight with other factions. You can have fun raiding and griefing other the enemy’s base.
    b. Also have PVE, survival
    Not only PVP, you can also enjoy survival at the same time.
    We have Grief Prevention plugin that protects your buildings from being destroyed.
    c. Everyone likes Hunger Games!
    When you get bored of building, you can play Hunger Games with your friends whenever you want to.
    d. Lots of Parkour challenges
    Plenty of Parkour to play.
    e. We host events frequently to give away prizes.
    We host at least 3 events per month. You never get bored!
    f. Sick of being Steve? We have headshop!
    We have lots of heads you can buy with in-game-money. And you never drop the head on death if you are wearing it.
    g. 24/7 New Zealand Server
    Our server is hosted in a 24/7 datacentre in Auckland.
    You will never lag and you can play whenever you want to.
    h. How to register in our server?
    To register type: /register
    Then to login type: /login

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