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Hey Folks!

MineFresh has finally released!

As we already mentioned, the reason MF was in maintance for so long is because we comepletely updated it.
So lets talk about some of the main things we tweaked/fixed/added:
As promised earlier, we fixed most of the common bugs (Report any further ones encountered)
The changed our primitive looking builds into more massive and nicer looking ones.
We added bunch of new custom plugins, now MF has Guns and Drugs! Create your own gang, have a shootout, make a drug farm and make money on it.
The in-game rank prices have been tweaked, aswell as some of the rank names changed.
Block shop is now a thing, so you can now build fancy things on your plots!
Keep in mind, drugs and guns are illegal, if guards see your drug farm or notice you with guns, they will chase you down and confiscate items, aswell as jail you for 10-60 minutes!
Ofcourse its not rule-breaking, Jailing is for Role-Plays sake.

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