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What is ParadiseSMP?

ParadiseSMP is a claim based survival server with an player bassed economey. On ParadiseSMP, players can buy claim blocks and can claim anything on the map which can then be used to make shops, homes or towns. The point of the server is to claim as much land as possible and become the most wealthiest player on the server.

How do land claims work in ParadiseSMP?

Anybody can claim land as their own once they have placed down their claim block using the Libelula Protection Blocks plugin. Libelula Protection Blocks allows individuals with enough money to claim and protect their own land. Claims can be expanded by placing multiple blocks in a pre existing claim.

What Plugins does the Server use?

We try to keep our server as simple as posible and to do so we try to limit the amout of plugins we have on our server.

Here is a list of some of the plugins we use;




Chest shop

Come and join our server today, you don't know what you're missing.

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