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Welcome to Revelation PvP an overpowered factions server that has staff dedicated to supporting the running of the server and making sure every player has a great time enjoying our services. We have alot of awesome plugins to help make the server fun and enjoyable and also to make sure the running of the server is smooth, our server also has alot of planned awesome features like care packages and custom mini-games.

Listed below are SOME of the servers plugins, please note this list is not a full list and there is alot to come in the future.
MobCash: Had trouble earning money on other servers? Well that problem is now over as everytime you kill any mob you get a sum of in-game cash.
PlayerHeads: Want a extra reward from winning that PvP battle? Well everytime you kill someone or a mob you have a chance to earn a drop of their head, this is an awesome thing to showcase to your friends and enemies.
Auctions: Auction off items safely in-game using a few commands.
Global command shop: Sell and buy items using commands, this is alot easier than a physical shop and allows for easier selling and buying of larger amounts of items.
RandomTeleport: Sick off spawn killers? Simply by clicking the button at spawn you can teleport out into the wilderness to help give you a little boost.
MCMMO: Level up your skill levels by performing tasks like farming, mining and killing mobs, these skill levels help give you extra perks and benefits the higher they get. We even allow mob spawners to drop mcmmo xp unlike alot of servers.
Bosses: Kill withers at the witherarena to gain rare drops like diamond and gold blocks.

We do awesome overpowered drop parties daily and sometimes more than once a day, these include OP armour, donator ranks, tokens for free money, OP swords, god apples, obsidian and even unique items like enchanted dirt and hoes.

Our server staff are determined to provide a great player experience, so if you would like any additions adding to the server, message a staff member in-game or use the command /suggest.

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