This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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! 250 Slots !
Our website is

NEW - Mob Arena
We have a fantastic mob arena.
You'll earn prizes and
get paid to kill mobs !

NEW - SkyBlock
Free SkyBlock Island for all players

NEW! - PaintBall
Fantastic paintball arena with lots of power ups and prizes.

Creative World
Creative Mode and Free plots for everyone !

Survival World

Get free land and protection in Survival.
100% guaranteed to stop grief.

Grief Protected Land
Place your first chest and claim 20 x 20 blocks around you.
You also start with 500 claim blocks and $500 cash.
Claim blocks cost $1 so you could buy more and expand your plot
right away, or make a second plot.
Don't forget you can also vote 5 times per day and get a diamond per vote.
Oh yeah, and you also get 500 blocks for FREE for every hour
you play the server.
You could have a town in a week from now!

If you like PVP thats cool.
But if you don'#t just do /PVP OFF and you wont be bothered again.

Live in the wilds
We have many towns but you can start your own far away.

Trade in shops
You can buy and sell in existing shops.
We have the largest shopping mall in all of minecraft !
Ranked players can start their own shops.

We have dozens of established towns, and plots are usually available.

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