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What is the GmG Towny server?
The GmG Towny server is a Vanilla MC server where it is better to work with a team of people on a town and expand it then on your own.
Now your probably wondering why that is,
Well it's quite Simple...
A Town is set up and is the only "safe" place where PVP is NOT allowed,
A Town is the only place where breaking down a wall and taking whatever is inside the house is NOT allowed
There are "plots" of land that you can buy and build your house on.
How do you become a member of a town?
Easy, as soon as you log into the server and become a member you will be recruited into a town or ask a friend to get into theirs :D
the more people that a town gets the more plots become available as it grows :D
How do you get money?
there are a few ways,
you could kill off some monsters
you could sell items that you make or have By setting up a shop,
and the best and most EAST way is to simple vote for the server on all the links provided

once u go out side of town it's ALL PVP ZONES
If you build outside the towns that is your choice
NOONE can break your house and leave it broken, BUT
they CAN break down your walls steal everything you have and then rebuild the wall they broke and it is ok.
If someone leaves it broken, then it is considered griefing and they will face the consequences.
If you have any questions Or Concerns the Admins mods and owners will be happy to help you out!
Come check us out at, sign up on the website today and start your Towny adventure now!

We also use TS3 to make communications easier, and have more fun while playing on our servers! We ask that you use your ingame name when you sign up on the website as well as log into TS3 so that we know who you are :D (TS3 IP:

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