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Shard Minecraft

Shard Minecraft


We're a small community that loves to PVP and raid, and thats what makes us so awesome. Weve got a cool PVP Arena, Parkour course, and even customizable player-shops!

Weve even made a few accommodations to make the server even more raid-friendly. First of all, NO ENDERCHESTS! Players can finally actually raid any item another player holds dear, and they dont have to deal with people hiding their precious items in cheap integrated vaults.

Weve also fully removed /tpa and /sethome from the commandlists of players. We feel that these commands really put the power in the attackers, as once one of them is killed they can easily just teleport back and continue the raid.

Perhaps the most awesome addition to the commands for players is /getpos - which allows players to find the positions of eachother for more raiding, every day.

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