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Fairy Tail

Roar of the Fire Dragon

Roar of the Fire Dragon

A Fire Slayer player using his Dragon Roar on the Laxus mission boss at Magnolia Cathedral

On our server you pick a class, such as Fire Mage, Shadow Mage, Requip, Ice Moulder Mage e.t.c and then start your journey as an Unranked Mage. By passing Exams against other people you rank up e.g C-Class, S-Class, granting you access to stronger shops, more health, mana and powers. You can use the money you get from killing other mobs, players and completing missions to buy in game items, powers and houses.

It is your own roleplay lifestyle that we have set up so you NEVER run out of things to do or get bored. Our staff make new missions and areas quite literally every week and the Owner is always active and keeps up with his players to receive feedback and improve our amazing server!

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