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Hamlet Homeland

Hamlet Homeland | Towny | Economy | Jobs | McMMO


Hamlet Homeland

A professionally made Towny server, Everything configured to perfection.
We have a friendly community of players, And strive to keep it that way.

We provide these following plugins for fun and competition, But with challenge.

  • Towny

We have Towny as the main plugin, It gives protection and responsibility to the residents.
There can be conflict however, Nations can wage war on other Nations and seek to be the
best by taking over the most enemy towns.

  • Jobs

A source of income for the server, Giving small amounts at a time. We also even encourage
competition in this, Putting a leaderboards for most levels in jobs an highest level for each
particular job.

  • McMMO

Used for leveling and a sense of achievement, Also competitive by nature. Get small amount
of xp for each skill, Just try to get #1 in them all!

We offer much more for our players then just these 3, And urge you to come on and
have some fun.

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