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MC Delirium - Semi-Vanilla Fun! - play.mcdelirium.



In the mood for a little traditional Minecraft? Come check us out! We are a crazy cool server dedicated to fun, Semi-Vanilla gameplay! Our experienced staff and friendly community are sure to make you feel right at home on our server. Want more information? Check our website at!

Big Map!
The border is set at 9k, making the map 18,000 x 18,000 blocks! Plenty of space for exploration, gathering materials, and building whatever you can imagine! Afraid of getting lost? Our website features include a Live Map to help you navigate across the world, as well as /sethome!

Semi-Vanilla Gameplay!
Everyone on our server, staff included, enjoys a Semi-Vanilla play style. That means NO creative mode! All player builds are 100% legit! We use minimal plugins to add protection, fun, and convenience without taking away from the Vanilla style we love.

Anti Grief Protection!
We use zones to protect your builds from griefers. You can have as many builds you want, and make them as big as you want. Building with friends? You can add them to your zones too! You can also lock all your chests, furnaces, and doors to keep your items safe! Need a zone or help from a moderator? You can use /modreq to get help quickly!

Gold Economy!
No messy economy plugins here! Our economy is based on Gold Ingots and Player Trading! Use your Gold Ingots at our Spawn Shop or at Player Shops. All members can set up their own automated shops to trade with players for gold and items!

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