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RedSkyCraft is a fun and friendly Minecraft server that has recently relaunched. We have been around before as RedSkyCraft, and sometimes RedSkyUnited. After nearly 6 months of being gone, the server is finally back. Old and new players are welcome to the server. We have currently expanded to a BungeeCord setup with a variety of gameplay options. Anti-grief PVE Survival server with an economy and towns (not towny), PVP Factions server with 15 minute new player optional protection & economy, Minigames server with Survival Games (CTF & MobArena on the way), and HardCore PVP server, which is essentially vanilla minecraft with the ExtraHardMode plugin.

Server Features -
Community survival. Friendly staff and players + reasonable set of rules
Survival Server has Coreprotect installed, enabling staff to detect and rollback grief in Survival world with ease
Economy system with shop regions
Automatic rank-up system
Awesome builds
Friendly community
Active and well maintained website
World border temporarily set at 6000 in Survival. World border is 5000 in PVP Factions. World border is 5000 in Hardcore Server.
Anti-cheat plugins are installed to ensure fairness
Approved client mods -
Minimap mods
Inventory mods (ex. NEI)
Shader mods

Remember to read and follow all rules found at the spawn areas

Votifier is installed!
Vote for RedSkyUnited once every 24 hours
And receive $500 per voting link!
Whenever you vote you also have a chance to win either an extra $500, or an extra $2000!

Server Address:
Server Website:

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