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Ionia=Mature Community=Town Building=Tournament=Ec


Ionia is a 1.8 towny server which brings a new element to the Minecraft Towny experience: tournament. Each month towns will compete to be the best in three categories: culture, economy, & military. A variety of awesome prizes will be awarded to the top 3 towns and their citizens!

In Ionia, our mission is to create the ideal settings needed for players to work together toward the common objective of having prosperity within their own minecraft town.
Together, players will
explore new territories,
build amazing structures,
pvp in the wilderness,
follow clues on a treasure hunt,
gamble in casinos or the lottery,
compete in a player-driven economy,
engage in real estate,
participate in server events
and more!

In our server, new players can expect to be greeted by a friendly, mature community and staff, composed of primarily players 15 and over, and to play in a server free of lag which offers the best towny experience available!

Join us today!

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