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KineticalCraftGaming is a FUN server that has tons of fun plugins that players can use to have even more fun than just plain old vanilla, we dont have many players yet and all of staff has no clue why... if you ever need help do helpop [message] if no admins are online do mail send [Admin] [Message]The plugins you can use are: AnimalsDropMeat, BuyCraft, CraftBook, EnchantedFurnace, Essentials, Factions, Lockette, mcMMO, Parkour, RandomTP, SilkSpawners, ExtraStorage, FastCraft, and Time is Money.Members can use: ChatColor, EasyElevator, iDisguise, Trails, and +DefaultOverPowered can use: EchoPet, Multiverse, Powermining, +Membership, and +Defaultif you need any commands for this list just type help ingameif you want you can buy: Membership 10.00, Max Cash 15.00, Op Kit 15.00, OverPowered Rank 25.00I wish you good luck on behalf of KineticalCraftThis server is protected by NoCheatPlus~KineticalCraftGaming Staff
Plugins installed on server: AFKSafezone, AnimalsDropMeat, Announcer, BarAPI, BuyCraft, ChatColor, Citizens, ClearChat, ClearLag, CraftBook, CustomUknownCommandMessage_1_0_1, EasyElevator, EchoPet, EnchantedFurnace, Essentials, ExtraStorage, Factions, FastCraft, FastType, HolographicDisplays, iDisguise, JoinCommands, LimitedCreative, Lockette, mcMMO, Multiverse, NoCheatPlus, parkour, PermissionsEX, PowerMining, pTweaks, Randomtp, SilkSpawners, Timeismoney, Trails, WorldEdit, WorldGaurd, Vampire, ect.

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