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TorchCraft HUB 1.7.2


Hello there members of mineservers!

Today I am showing you a nice small server,started today! =D
We own two servers which are both 3 GB of RAM and they are:

  • SkyBlock
    This one is special,not like other skyblock servers yous saw.We have unique
    skyblock islands,challenges and more! =D
  • Survival
    Its not one of the other servers you know and guess what..?Its not PvP/Raid thingy =D
    It is player friendly server without PvP and raiding,LWC protect your chests,doors,furnaces,..And other things with /lock command,that we have grief prevention,protect your land and your house with golden shovel! =D
  • Creative
    We use PlotMe so you just type /plotme auto and you get the plot! =D PROTECTED
    All things are enabled now,only TNT is not. =D

And well thats all we can offer to you but if you give us a chance you may like us,some players alredy gave us good feedback so we hope you will too! =D

See ya!


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