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PvP Academy is a Faction pvp server many people have enjoyed
so we decided to bring it to the public.

Pvp Academy is a new small community that only has 50 slots
but will be concidered to add more, it also does not have
donation packages either, but will be concidered also.

There is so many ways to say why you should join this

You will have alot of fun! it is very good pvp and we do
alot of drop partys witch makes it even more fun.


Owner : Daniel12943

Owner : Alex12043

Graphic Designer/ Co-Owner : Reeceybot

We are not hiring staff at the momment but will happen
once the server grows.

What you do on the server is basically, you make a faction
(Basically a group of your friends) you go out make a base
get armour, gear up, PvP and raid other peoples bases.

When you first join the server do /help, /help 2 and so on
and then you will know the simple commands but you can always
ask a admin, co-owner or anything that has a rank.
But if you do /f help that will be the faction help witch tells you
how to create a faction and all of that stuff.

Thanks please join and be Academy!

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