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1.6.2 - LostMinerZ [Residence] [Dynmap] [Survival]


Welcome toLostMinerZ
This is a 24/7 cracked survival server, which includes very fun and interactive plugins. We also have a great team of helpful and kind staff. Join now and Enjoy!:D
Some of our plugins:

  • Residence
  • Dynmap
  • ZombieSurv
  • Pvpstats
  • iDisguise (Mobdisguise)
  • Essentials

[Player]- /warp /bal /tpa
[Trusted]- /afk /mail /ignore - set multiple homes
[Officer]- /tp /kick /mute /fly
[Mod]- /ban /tempban /jail /setwarp (more) - Can Promote To[Tryhard]
[Mod+]- /invsee /broadcast /socialspy /weather /speed /heal (more) - Can Promote To[Officer]
[Admin]- Anything And Everythin

You Earn Ranks With Time
You Can Earn Them By - Donating Or Earning Them -
Don't Ask Staff To Rank You Up
Come And Play And Have Fun!

DonatorRanks :
Soldier - $5 - Full Diamond armour [Protection 4]$2,500 In game money
Donor#1 - $10 - /fly, /nick /colourtext- Can join server even when it is full.$5,000 In game money
Donor#2 - $15- Inherits Donor#1, /jump, /hat, /tp, /iDiguise (chicken,pig,sheep) /heal -$10,000 In game money
Donor#3 - $20 - Inherits Donor#2, /Feed, /back, /workbench, /speed Create chestshops
Set up to 5 homes, /iDiguise (skeleton, zombie, spider) -$15,000 In game money
Warrior - $25 - Inherits Donor#3, /vanish, /clearinventory /iDisguise (Creeper,blaze,spider/Hat, /Jump, /Ci -$20,000 In game money

  • Knight - $30 - Inherits Warrior /repair, /killall /iDiguise /gamemode (All mobs) /tptoggle /setwarp -$30,000 In game money -* Cannot drop items
    Titan - $50 Inherits Knight, /setwarp /broadcast /superpickaxe /kick /walkspeed
    Donors will have more commands anywhere from 1 month - 8 months depending on how much it is Donated and will become[Tryhard]after the donation date expires .

For world map, type this in your address bar :

Additional Details
New server great plugin, looking for a few staff but have to play for a few days
Game Version: Minecraft 1.6.2
Tags: Survival, Pvp, Economy, Residence, Zombiesurvival, Pvpstats

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