This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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FooFarm - FTB/MagicFarm

Selected Bukkit Plugins:
AutoMessage BOSEconomy Essentials GriefPrevention
LWC PermissionsEx SignShop Vault Votifier

More info about the FTB/MagicFarm modpack:

Server Info:
The server is in development. That means there is no grand spawn area, or development for players. We're just testing the FTB/MagicFarm
mod pack like a few others.

Eventually we will have:
A good spawn area
Some kind of support for Player Run Economies
Some kind of Online Store to "buy" level/perms/stuff

The Management:
The Undertaker is SystemV and sibomots. If you have questions/comments then use email: The game is managed by mature adults who believe in a few simple rules for MC servers. The main rule is "have fun, don't prevent others from having fun." The other rule is "TANSTAAFL!"

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