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Derp's Craft



A new public server, just launched!
We are still working on alot of things, including the spawn area and a bunch of plugins.
We have a small community, still growing.
Ofcourse, there isn't much factions yet, since there are so little players.
If you want to help building up a new server, and don't mind a small amount of players, this is the server for you!
We hope to gain players soon.

Several features our server revolves around include:

-Factions and PvP Areas (warzones, in the overworld AND in the nether)
-A new Dungeon Maze world!!
-Custom made dungeons, placed upon locations of our choice. (For example, towers with several floors that pose seperate challenges and contain loot)
-Custom hidden challenges in random locations such as caves or jungles.
-Multiple other hidden stuff :p
-All kinds of future fun plugins :D
-Yu Gi Oh plugin!
-Diablodrops plugin! Also diablo loot found in the dungeonmaze world!

We also recently got a Yu Gi Oh duel monsters plugin, wich is just for fun. You can dedicate your time on the server to this plugin, or you can completely ignore it. It is completely your choice!

Votifier to be added soon,
the same for donation perks.

Often up 24/24, sometimes 16/24.

Maybe in the future it will be up more often.

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