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【PokeGaming Server】✸ Pixelmon Reforged 6.2.3 ✸


PokeGaming Server - Pixelmon Reforged 6.2.3

We are proud to announce that the PokeGaming Pixelmon server has updated to reforged!
This is the new beginning of us!


Keys and Crates - get free pokemon! EVEN LEGENDARYS!

Poke stops!

Battle Tower!

GymLeaders professional taught!

WonderTrade and other server side mods installed!

Advanced economy!

We are always looking for new staff and gymleaders!

Our server store purchases will be very secure and fair in every way possible without inflicting game progress with your Pokemon catching!
Our gym leaders will be trained and learn to deal with different situations and scenarios.
If you wish to apply for staff on the PokeGaming server(s) please go to our website!

this server is split into 3, poke1, poke2, and poke3. each server is the begining to a new exiting adventure, facing gymleaders and challenges across the way, events bringing joy, this server has everything to atleast keep me satisfied.
Posted 20th Jul 2016