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The scablands is a minecraft server by RebelPenguin. It features vanilla-like gameplay without too many over-the-top mods. All players are made to feel welcome right from the start, unless you're a shit troll.. Shit trolls are shit. Funny trolls are funny, so if you want to be welcomed, don't be a shit troll. Simple!

The Plugins:

  • WorldGuard (For spawn only! Players do not have protections)
  • PlayerHeads: Behead your enemies and keep their head as a trophy!

The Rules:

  1. No Hacking or attempting to crash/flood the server. Your player & IP range will be banned.
  2. Don't spam. You'll be kicked. If you carry on, you get a ban.
  3. Don't ask for OP, you're not gonna get it. You keep asking, you get a ban.
  4. Don't be a fucktard.

That's it. There are no more rules.

So what can I actually do: Whatever you want, as long as it's in line with the rules above. Greifing, PVP, raiding is allowed so go nuts and destroy each other, that's why we're here

ADMIN ABUSE!!!: Are you sure it's an admin and not just someone using Flyhacks? Our admins are: ThatDaveCarter, MandaO_o, Gaddaffis_Zombie and CustomerSupport

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