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Diaspora is now open! We are a brand new towny server that has implemented several plugins. We have spent close to a month preparing the server so it will be great, even right at the beginning. We are a friendly community that accepts all. We have several ranks, including Guest, Builder, MVP, Donator, and many more! We are going to be adding a PVP arena shortly and will hold tournaments once a week for a chance to earn diamonds. We already have a server shop and a teleport room that leads to a spawn in various biomes. We are strongly against griefing and work our hardest to prevent and fix it. Part of this prevention is the ability to create towns. People will be able to start their own town, move into someone else's, or live in the server town, which will be coming soon. We are currently widely open to suggestions and will try to implement most all of the ideas from the community. We are also low at staff, so we will be looking for those that stand out of the normal community to help us manage this prized server. We will also be looking for one or two experienced admins that could help out with server files, permissions, and plugin management. We hope you are excited about Diaspora as we are, so come and join now!

List of plugins: Auctions, Buycraft, CapsGuard, ChestShop, CoreProtect, dynmap, EnjinMinecraftPlugin, Essentials, EssentialsChat, EssentialsProtect, EssentailsSpawn, HeroChat, iConomy, Lockette, mcMMO, NoCheatPlus, PermissionsEx, PlotMe, Questioner, Towny, TownyChat, Vault, Votifier, VoxelSniper, WorldEdit, WorldGuard, and WorldPortal.

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