This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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BlazePVP is looking for members of all ages who are active, looking for a great experience of a cared for server to join, and one that is online 24/7!

Main Plugins:
Factions (Clans/Guilds)
MCMMO (RPG Skill Leveling)
NoCheatPlus (Blocks Hacks)
CombatLog (No logging while fighting.)
Essentials (Main commands.)
HealthBar (See players and monsters health.)
MobArena (Fight monsters in specific arenas and get rewards.)


  • WorldBorder: 7,500 block limit for closer combat.
  • CombatLog: No PvP Logging!
  • Raiding: Steal your enemies loot and blow up their base!
  • mcMMO: Level up skills!
  • Auction: Auction off goods to fellow players.
  • Essentials: Sell/Buy items without auction!
  • Regenerator: TNT will break obsidian. (Everything can be raided.)
  • Factions: Get faction power down and take over other's land!
  • Modified Factions: Chests, dispensers, furnaces, etc. are unlocked on any territory.

[1] No hacking!
[2] Cursing is allowed!
[3] Do not share personal beliefs/information about yourself!
[4] Do not ask for ranks/items!
[5] Griefing/Raiding is allowed!
[6] No advertising!
[7] No x-ray/modded clients!
[8] Don't ask for OP!
[9] No exploiting/duping items!
[10] No saying you're a Moderator from PMC!
[11] No PvP logging!
[12] No racism!
[13] No abusive staff!
[14] No impersonating staff!
[15] If you know someone is hacking, and not telling a staff you are just as guilty

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