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Greetings. This server is a 24/7 vanilla survival whitelist server. We have a great community where we all know everyone and a very active Skype group with frequent group calls for events or just for talking in general.

The server has been quiet recently due to the holidays, so we are looking for new, mature players to join and have fun with us in survival vanilla. We want players who want to be part of a community, a small server where everyone knows everyone. We also do UHCs and other events most weekends depending on the amount of people available at that time. We have players from everywhere! Some of these include the UK (Wales and England so far), Republic of Ireland, Sweden, Norway, Holland, USA, Canada, Australia, Estonia and many more places!

To join, submit an application to our forums with detailed information for each question. It would be best to make an account on there to edit your application if you feel like doing so. We accept players who are 16+ but we can take in exceptions if you REALLY blow us away! Remember: we want detailed applications, not ones with minor detail, look at the other applications if you need a good idea. If you are under 15 years Id say that this server isnt right for you, since our average age is around 18 years with players ranging from 15-30. But feel free to apply anyway, but dont expect a yes too easily.

The server has been around for exactly one year as of June 30th and weve been very successful so far.
Our website is:

Remember to look through the forums to get a feel of the community!

Our maps normally last several months unless they become unstable or upgrading from major versions of the game (1.7 for example).

If you have any questions, feel free to ask anyone on the forums or by posting threads asking for help, we dont bite!

We also have several members of the server who have YouTube channels showcasing the server and events we have on it. Feel free to view them and criticise them, a lot of these videos portray the server very well!

We are very strict on moderation and creative mode, so dont expect anyone to teleport to you and spawn millions of sheep in front of your house or imprison you with water or jungle trees. We currently have 3 moderators and do not need more, this is the only staff position and will most likely remain the same. The owner is called Rcon and is fairly active, ask him or any active member for help!

These are the people who have made YouTube videos of our server: (AllStarIV) (LadyNarwhal) (DanRX) (4everless) (UndyingSilence) (MrDraynth) (RGCV)

A lot of us also play other games together such as Battlefield 3, 4, UWO, League of Legends, Rust and others.

So, what are you waiting for Come and join today!

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