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HorizonCraft - The Ultimate Survival, PVP and Crea


HorizonCraft is the ultimate server experience. We're a brand new server hosted in London, UK with 150 player slots and a team of friendly staff.

HorizonCraft was launched on the 16th of June 2013 by two friends, Kerplunkk and TheFirstPunch. Our goal was to create a server that is there for players just like us who enjoy a semi-vanilla Minecraft Experience. We achieved this by using simple plugins such as Essentials and LogBlock to maintain a way of keeping the experience vanilla with a little bit extra on the side. Our spawn includes many different sections, including a player shop where users can spend their hard earned in-game balance on any item they want. Also at spawn we have a dedicated PVP Arena, Donator Town, Portal to The End, Creative Portal, Mob Arena, Paintball site and a Jail for those who struggle to follow server rules.

We allow PVP in the wilderness but do not allow Griefing or Raiding. This clears the frustration of coming online after a busy day and being greeted with half a house. WorldGuard protection is also available to some players.

Our server uses a plugin called GroupManager. This lets us set ranks that benefit players who have earned them, for example if we spot you're a good builder you will be awarded the 'Builder' rank where you have the option to use creative. Of course, this isn't the only rank available, we have many more that can be unlocked due to good actions on the server.

We look forward to seeing you on the server!

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