This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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JPG Survival


Come join our newly improved JPG server!
Our new server is 24/7 and lag free!
We have a respectful staff and all our players are expected to act the same.
Our server rules are simple.
All we ask is:

  1. No swearing what so ever. We want our server to be a place for everyone to enjoy,
  2. No griefing. Ask our admins to protect you creations, houses, etc. We have plugins such as grief-log to view who griefed any damaged area so we can find out who the trouble makers are and get them out of our server.
  3. No excessive pvp. This means you are not allowed to continuously slaughter all the new people exiting our city.
  4. Please do not beg for items. Begging any admins or myself (Piercep10) for items will not get you anywhere. You are required to either buy the items from our shops or acquire them yourself. Begging could result in a temporary mute.
  5. We also ask that you do not beg to be mod, op, or admin. If you really want to be any of those you will eventually earn it. We have a ranking system that will allow us to give you ranks as you play on our server and follow our rules. Each rank comes with new bonuses. So play nice and follow the rules and you will eventually rank up.

Our server features:
Helpful and kind staff
MMO plugins
A new ranking system
A newly improved city
Creeper heal (creeper damages slowly regenerate)
Chest bank
And so much more!

So what are you waiting for? Come join us today and start playing!

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