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Pixelmon 3.2.4 Server Survival (Hard Mode)


Hey guys, so I am running a server that is pure vanilla pixelmon. Everyone here builds their own place and has fun battling/helping each other. At the moment, we are still training to perfect out teams. You are welcome to join us for we are a friendly bunch and would enjoy having more people to interact with. Right now we are about 6-8 players in this server so they'll be times when no one is on. But no worries, someone is bound to pop up shortly. Anyways, jump in, get building, and we'll see you there soon. :)

This server run on 4 plugins. Grief Prevention, Core Protect, Essentials, and Starter Kit.

This is survival so I kept the kit to a minimum. You get book with help tips, some carrots for planting and eating, and I believe 10 pokeballs, if not 5. That's all you'll be getting as help in this survival world.

And please don't ask for perms, staff, or any other kinds of privilages. I won't be giving any. You don't need it. This is survival. I repeat, survival. I've gotten quite a few people that ask me that stuff right when they join, it kind of gets annoying.

Again, thank you for reading and I hope to see you there. :)


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