This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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General Info

Addicted is a hardcore PvP drug server. The main idea is to team up, build farms, and grow drugs to rank up. You better watch your back though, because raiding and greifing is allowed.
The server spawn contains many plots and shops that you can buy to store and sell your items.
When you're ready to start your adventure, leave spawn and start building your farm.


Server Rules:
No hacked clients.
No mods except for the ones that are allowed which can be found on the server's thread or above.
Transparent texture packs are prohibited.
No exploiting: bugs, glitches, or loopholes. Abusing them is prohibited. (IE; a dupe).
Griefing is allowed, but to an extent -- "Mass Griefing" is not allowed.
Chat Rules:
No spamming.
No advertising or mentioning other servers.
No harassing other members.
No member or staff disrespect.

Roleplay Rules:

City Rules
No drugs or contrabands are allowed.

Contrabands and drugs can not be visible from the outside. Legal farms are allowed such as carrots, melons, etc.
All blocks must stay within your plot's perimeter. Failure to follow this may result in a plot repo.
You can request to add up to only 4 people on your plot.
Plot owner can only be active for a max of 30 days before his/her plot is repo'd and resold.
Plot transfers are allowed. Only 1 owner per plot. You must ask an Administrator to transfer the plot. The transfer fee is the original price of the plot.

Hotel Room
No drugs or contrabands can be inside your hotel room.
Farms are not allowed - even legal ones

Approved Mods (allowed to use):

Rei's Minimap
bspkr's mods (ArmorStatusHUD, DirectionHUD, StatusEffectHUD)
GLSL shader mods

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