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At The Moment Gaming


At The Moment Gaming is a Minecraft-server located in Sweden. The server is a 24/7 dedicated Minecraftserver with huge potential and constant development. The staff, owner and a few admins, is top notch, and the server features endless of possibilities of things to do. The server will eventually add rewards and fun stuff for donators and an economy-system will soon be up and working flawlessly. And yes, you can set more than one home and no, griefing is NOT allowed!

And what about plugins?
The server features following plugins:
MCBans, Lockette, NoCheatPlus, WorldGuard, Essentials
And a few more.

And what are the downsides of this server?
Well, if you’re in to griefing – sorry, there’s nothing here for you. The server is guarded 24/7 buy our guard dogs.
You like to kill everyone all the time, everywhere? Sorry – PvP is only allowed in certain areas.
You want to have immediate OP. Sorry – only trusted ones are allowed OP.
You love lava and fire and want to burn everything! Sorry – Lava is not allowed, and fire tick/fire spread is off.

Otherwise – there are no downside at all! If you want a server where you may build freely, hang out with friends, ride pigs and mine coal – Welcome!
Of course you can mine other things as well, and you may even ride horses and have your own farm!

However, what are you waiting for?!
Come on; join us on At The Moment Gaming!

Owner and Admins on At The Moment Gaming

Owner: Pwallden

Admin: Ataraz, Dei_gratia and Lisa900810

Mod: -

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