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Main Server Adress:

NovakMods Server Adress: Closed Beta Testing Apply here


This is a picture is of spawn when we just started the server. 10/28/12
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About the Server

This website is a network and community for the NovakServer Minecraft members.

Our goal is to get the community to work together. Some challenges are getting people to work together and not want to destroy others work. Another big challenge is getting people who like different game types and ideas to work together. An example is someone who wants to free build vs a pvp guy who wants to kill everyone. Our solution to this was to make more than one world. We have a main world which is pvp factions building. We also have creative world which is creative and building. And we have a pvp world. The creative world and pvp world are for premium members. Premium is for members who love the server and community and want to be more part of the staff team and other developers. You can buy anything that premium has separately for a lower price.

Staff Team

novakedward – Owner
HeadsupHunter – Co Owner / Lead Developer
ramsthebull – HeadAdmin
Waffle801 – Admin
Rawr333 – Admin
silas_den_seje – Admin
asassinkillers – HeadMod
ForgottenWalnut – Moderator

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About our Systems

We use WordPress for our website. We have custom themes and plugins.

The Minecraft server is hosted on my computer. my dad got a computer for his website, but it was not good enough for what he needed, but this computer is perfect for a Minecraft server, and a small website.


Windows 7
12 Gigs RAM
i5 Intel 3.00 GHz processor
500 Gigs Hard drive
1.80 terabyte external hard drive for back ups
![dust mite] (http://dust.mite =150x150)

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