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WikiCraft Survival Multiplayer


WikiCraft is a survival server that features several different worlds including a spawn world, a plot world, and a resource world. When you first join, you can immediately head over to the resource world to gather building materials. When you feel you have enough, you can then travel to the plot world and claim your first plot. Each player starts with enough money to purchase a plot. At the default Citizen rank, you can own up to two plots. There are several other ranks to earn as well, each with more permissions as well as the ability to purchase more plots.

WikiCraft is on the newer side and has only been public for a short while, so we have been open to suggestions! While playing, if you find something that you think we could improve upon, don't hesitate to tell us! We would like to make your experience on the server as pleasant as possible.

WikiCraft's staff are very kind, helpful, and friendly people. We will try to answer as many questions as we can, and we'll help whenever we're needed. However, if you do break one of our rules, we will take action. Our rules are very basic and should be easy to understand. They are as follows:

  1. No Griefing (except in the resource world)
  2. No Spamming
  3. No Advertising
  4. No Begging for Ranks
  5. No Hacking
  6. No Causing Lag on Purpose
  7. No Inappropriate Builds
  8. Respect the Moderators, Admins, and Owners of the Server

If you're looking for a great server community, many opportunities for fun, and a great multiplayer experience, try out WikiCraft!

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