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Welcome to Motion Games! Welcome to motion games! a great 24/7 factions server, We do not ALLOW any HACKED/MODDED clients, we only allow these mods - shaders, OptiFine, MCCapes, BetterPvP and thats it! Other mods will result in a BAN.
The Owner - Cleo17 has put so much effort into this, This server is nearly a year old! It was a server with a lot of mini games but now, It's a faction server! We hope ALL of you guys join and get a good welcome and HOPE you will enjoy the server!
THIS SERVER IS 24/7, IF IT IS IN LOCKDOWN/UNDER MAINTENANCE WE WILL HAVE A REASON WHEN YOU JOIN. Donator Ranks are being setup right now as I type and you read.
We have -

Vote 4 Cash | And crate keys coming soon!
Custom Enchants
Mineable Spawners! ( Non Donaters can mine as well)
And a lot more! Hope you guys enjoy this Great server! Bye.

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