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BlitzCraft is an awesome PVP Raiding Server, with great staff and a very friendly community. We have hand-picked the finest PVP and raiding plugins that we could find. Some key plugins include;

Factions- Have you ever wanted to team up with a group of friends and PVP, RAID, and build together? Well this plugin lets you do all of that! From Raiding to taking PvPing with your faction members this plugin will make sure your experience on this server is a great one.

MCMMO- With this amazing plugin you will be able to keep stats on certain skills! We added this plugin because we wanted players to have a more numeric way to keep track of their stats in certain areas of the game. Along with all the cool stats, all the skills come with an ability that grants a short buff to that trait! To activate your short buff you have to click your right mouse button, then in chat it will say YOU READY YOUR (item), that is the time you can left click and go to town!

Votifier- This plugin lets our players vote for us to help get our server out there! In return for voting you will recieve prizes and bonus items, You even have a chance to win SUPER ITEMS from voting.

Well those are some of our great plugins, Now I will introduce our staff-team.

Lets start with our Owner Hellifant_Pwny

Hellifant A.K.A Caleb started BlitzCraftPVP and has been a strong cornerstone on this servers development, Caleb has alot of patience and is very kind. He specializes in building and has overlooked most builds. 

Next up our Admins,

Zxcvbnmz5 A.K.A Zexy was invited to join the server by Caleb. The two of them spent about 3 or 4 days on the permissions, kits, and configuring our plugins. Zexy specializes in finding and fixing errors. You can contact him ingame if you have a problemquestion.

Incandesence_II A.K.A Noah Had a huge part in building and protecting spawn, He also made the PvP pit found outside of spawn. Noah specializes in building and is a fast learner.

So What are you waiting for? Join now and begin your adventure here at BlitzCraftPVP

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