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A Little About The Server
I got extremely tired with the constant subtle "pay2win" servers out there. Having to pay for land protection, the /sethome command, no community atmosphere, and ridiculous amounts of money for monthly purchases. I do not even know when it fnally got this bad, and frankly, I do not care. All the power to those who are making money off this.
But for me. I wanted what i had 3 years ago on a couple of servers.
I wanted a community again.
Friendly staff, easy going players, etc.
I paid into donations on a server probably up to 50 dollars or so, just because i supported it and wanted to keep it going. I had friends there.
And even on that server, my donation got me things that i could obtain in game anyways.
Because it was a great spot, i did it anyways.
Because of the friends i made there, the time i spent there. and of course,
Sadly, that server is long and gone, same with another i was on. People move on, do not want to be bothered hosting anymore, or generally just loose interest altogether.
Life happens sometimes, and it happens a lot.
I am aiming to capture that community atmosphere, and basing my server model off that type of atmosphere and gameplay.
Thus, Empire: Metropia was born.

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