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TheForest is a player-based server, where the players are working
together to form the server, for example shops, builds, towns and so on!
TheForest also has a great community with alot of helpfull and kind players.
Griefing is not allowed, and will also get rollbacked and banned for it.
Killing is enabled, but Towns can set their area to peacefull if they want to.

The server includes a autoranking system wich will rank you up by only being online.
You first start out as a 'Newbie' and after being online 1 hour, you will be promoted to 'Citizen'.
You get 'Citizen+' after 12 hours, and than 'Citizen++' after being online 24 hours, and the last and the best rank
is 'EliteCitizen' wich you get after being online 7 days!
By each rankup you get a better kit wich includes tools and armor (note: kits cost money, but it's a extremely good deal!)

Vote for Cash, Iron ingots and being able to Fly!:
On the server you are able to type '/vote' wich gives you information about
how you can vote for the server. The server is listed on 12 diffrent server list.
By each vote you'll get $150 and 1 iron ingot, wich is $1800 and 12 Iron ingots a day!
Also, when you have voted all the links (12 times) you get the permissions to do '/fly' for a whole day!
The '/fly' permissions gives you access to double tap space to fly, just like you would do in creative.
Remember to NOT log off when you are in the air... You can end up falling to your death when you reconnect.

This feature is pretty cool! When you chop down a tree with any kind of axe, the whole tree will fall/will cut down itself.
The tree also gets replanted so when you chop it down, it will grow a new one.
You need no commands to do this.

When you first join the server, you are able to join or establish your own town/community.
Towns is a good way to teamwork and play together to help each other establish a community.
If you got any questions about towns, you could ask any staffs/helpers/mods/admins or any other players.

ChestShop is a plugin wich allows you to buy and sell stuff from other players,
you can also make your own shop to earn money if you want.
The server has NO adminshops so the economy is being formed by the players,
so that is what we mean 'a player based server'

We got your own TeamSpeak channel thanks to BlitZin (a member on the server) so we can talk and discuss things together if needed.
It's also a good way to socialize with other players.
Join the server for more info about the TeamSpeak

Donation kits:
On the server we have diffrent kinds of donation kits, wich people can
buy via paypal. The funds we earn from donations will be used on the server, for example
paying webhosting, buycraft subscriptions and other bills.

So join TheForest today, our community, your server.

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