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The Main Reason We Build It with YOU, is because its for YOU


What CyprusPrison is:
CyprusPrison is a type of server in which you are in a prison for life, but you can earn your way out only by hard work. We have mines that you can earn money by selling your items in the shop. A tree farm that you can as well sell your items in the shop. A courtyard where you can buy plots that are 16x16 or 1 chunk big, a mob arena in Elite block where you can fight mobs and earn money.


C-PRISONER (You start the game like this)

• You can access the courtyard where you can buy plots.
• You can mine for Cobblestone, Iron and Coal.
• Access to shops where you can sell items that you got from C.
• You can PvP in C-Block and courtyard

B-PRISONER(Cost: $15,000)

• Allowed to rent cells where you can store your stuff or live in B-Block.
• A mine containing Gold, lapis lazuli and sandstone.
• Access to stores where you can sell your items you got in B-Mine.
• Able to create your own stores to sell things.
• A station in B where you can apply for Guard.
• Allowed to do everything a C-Prisoner can.

A-PRISONER (Cost: $30,000)

• Allowed to rent even bigger cells within B-Block.
• Access to nether room.
• Mine random shades of Clay, Redstone and Diamond ores.
• Allowed to do everything a B-Prisoner and C-Prisoner can.

Elite-Prisoner (Cost: $40,000)

• Allowed to rent bigger cells then A-Block
• Access to Mob arena
• Mine Stone Brick, Mossy Stone Brick, Cracked Stone Brick, Circle Stone Brick, Diamonds and Emeralds.
• Access to everything A-Block, B-Block and C-Block has.

Freedom (Cost: $75,000)

• You are now free, all that hard work payed off! You can leave prison and build things in the normal world.
• You can come back to jail anytime you wish
• Access to everything any rank before has.

• Playing games: Play games with other prisoners or by yourself such as Mob arena in Elite-Block.
• Mine: You can use our many mines on our server to earn money.
• Guard pay: If you are selected by our Elite Guard or wardens for guard you can earn guard salaries every hour.
• Buying land or selling land: You can buy plots in the courtyard you can buy a few for the regular price and sell them for more if you wish!
• Creating Shops: if you are B-Prisoner or above you can create a shop and sell items there.
• Vote for our server: If you vote for our server you get 1,000 dollars per vote every 24 hours.

Rules if you break you will be banned:

• No hacks
• No cheating
• No smuggling items from Free to Prison
• No disrespect
• No swearing

Guard rules: (You can't get banned but can get jailed): These are prison rules the ones that guards enforce if you are found breaking these rules they will jail you for a period of time, if a guard abuses his power you can report him on here or on our website

• No weapons or armour: If you are caught with swords, bows or any type of armour a guard will count to 5 you must give them whatever your weapon(s)/armour(s) in that 5 seconds, if you do not a guard will jail you.

• PvP: If you are caught PvPing with another player(s) He will kill both or all of you, you can PvP just don't get caught doing it.

• Certain areas: If you are caught in a restricted area a guard will jail you immediately

• Safe-zoning: If you PvP someone or a guard and then run into a Non-PvP area this is called Safe-zoning, A guard will count to 5 if you come out he will kill you, if you do not go out you will be jailed.


Guards are a very important and special part of the prison. They pretty much control the prison, they are staff so you MUST respect them.

Guards role in the prison is to enforce the rules of the prison they protect prisoners from harm of other prisoners.

Guards receive an hourly pay depending on there position of Guard. Guards do not have to always be guards, they can also alike prisoners earn freedom.

Guards work in "Squadrons" or under an Elite-Guard, each Elite-Guard gets a squad of Trainee-Guards and Patrol-Guards.

• [TG] Trainee-Guard: These are the first position of guard, the lowest rank, but still Guards none the less, they earn 500$ every hour they are logged on the server. they as all guards teach new or old players the rules and helping people. After about a week of being a Trainee-Guard they get promoted by there Elite-Guard. These guards do not have /jail but have armour to protect themselves from others PvP. Trainee-Guards can only access C-Block and B-Block.
• [PG] Patrol-Guard: These are the next rank up of guards, there role is to enforce the rules and protect the prisoners like Trainee-Guards, but they also have to train the Trainee-Guards, They earn $1000 every hour they are logged on the server Patrol-Guards can use /jail patrol guards can go into C-block B-Block and A-Block.
• [EG] Elite-Guard: These guards are chosen by Wardens only, there role is to control there Squad of guards, the Guards in there squadron must obey there Elite-Guard. They can only promote the Guards in their squad. And have to obey Wardens.

Guard Rules
Being a guard is a privilege you must take it seriously, you can be fired any time for any reason. To stay guard you must follow these rules:

• You cannot kill without a reason. You have the protect the prisoners not harm them. If you abuse this for your gain, you will be demoted or worse depending on how much or how bad you did it.
• If a prisoner has a sword, bow or any piece or type of armour you ask them to give them/it to you by counting to 5 in chat. If they do not give you them/it you may jail them for 5 minutes.
• Put somewhere in your application these words in bold and italics like this "Hope I get in!" with the " "
• Use the command /jail (User Name) (Time), Only Patrol-Guards and Elite-Guards can do this.


If you are interested in becoming a Guard for CyprusPrison, You must be a B-Prisoner, there is a section in B-Block where you can fill out an application in a book and drop it into a hopper where we will read it.


This prison has a courtyard where prisoners, free's and guards can buy sections or plots of land that are 16x16, Plots that are not owned by people default 30,000 dollars, if someone owns them they can put on whatever price they want. Right click the sings on the plots to buy them. When you purchase a plot they are protected and only you can build on it. Chests, doors and furnaces are protected as well. B-Prisoners can create shops on there plots, to earn money there.

There are different mines as you rank up higher levels that have better ores and blocks in them.
Mines can be reset if you ask a Warden to reset them, if the warden says that they don't need reseting, they don't need reseting.

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