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Generating World...


Map made by ScarletBox.
Our server needs staff. BUT... there are some rules.
Anyone who asks for OP gets temp-banned for a day. No exceptions.

  1. You start at Temp-Mod and work your way up. I'm not just going to give you a rank like Admin or Co-Owner. Besides, Co-Owner isn't even open.
  2. You have to apply with this application base, and you must tell the truth, spell and punctuate accurately:
    Years playing Minecraft (Don't say more than four because I'll know you're lying):
    Why you think you deserve Temp-Mod or any other rank:
    Can you do GroupManager perms? Yes [ ] or No [ ]
    Can you build like an architectural god? Yes [ ] or No [ ]
    Do you agree to all the terms and conditions? Yes [ ] or No [ ]
    Do you have Skype? If so, what is it? Yes [ ] or No [ ] ___
    Will you respect and listen to all staff ranked higher than you? Yes [ ] or No [ ]
    And there you go. The App. Base.
  3. You must follow all rules and never cheat or hack us.
  4. Tell other people about this server! Get more people on. That's what we need.
  5. You need to be trustworthy. I need to trust my staff with my Minecraft life.
    And there you have it, the rules for applying. Just message me your app if you'd like to apply for Temp-Mod or lower.

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