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AeroHype OP Prison

AeroHype OP Prison


AeroHype Prison is brought to you by ImaTrollUx (aka Ryan). I have made this server the welcome those of you who are interested to advance through ranks and mine. Our server has many ranks for you to rank to and each rank has different benefits that come with it.

At the moment we do not have many players, but in future we are hoping to get more as we grow and make the server better a better each day, increasing the fun and the thrilling experience

An OP Prison server is when you start on a default rank (in this case [A] and you are given a first block which you can access at /warp A, where you can mine and earn money. With your earnings you can advance to the next rank by typing /rankup. You will keep advancing through ranks untill you reach the ultimate goal of Z. At AreoHype Prison we have multiple events such as Pay Days, Drop Parties, and Mine Parties. Which encourages players to join and also keeps a stable the bond between the community

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