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Zen Village


Hello my name is Alex! Id like to invite you to my server, The New Zen Village! The old Zen Village was created and hosted by JoelHagstrom, Joel did an amazing job of keeping his server fun and intresting, I really liked Zen Village so I am trying to recreate the feel and fun of it and I hope you all have fun on this server and make some friends! Im open to you're ideas! Id love to hear them. I'v talked to Joel and he has agreed to let me do this so all is go! I hope you can I hope you all have fun and im looking forward to seeing you all soon! Have Fun!

Note: Place Staff applications in the comments below. We are not currently accepting more staff members but we may in the future! You have to be part of the community for sometime though before any such thing happens.

We are adding some custom Dungeons! it will be intresting!

General Rules.
[1] Be respectful to Staff, Players, and there creations! Taunting. insults, and racist, sexist, and other Disrespecful Comments will not be tolerated! Failure to comply will result in a mute or jail time!
[2] Do not Spam or rage in chat. No begging and whining. those and anything else that dirupts chat will result in a mute!
[3] Do Not use Xray, hacks, Exploits. if you are cought doing one of these things you will be Temporary Banned or Permanently Banned from the server depending on the severity of the crime!
PVP and Faction Rules
[4] PVP is allowed, however new players (Yellow name) will not be able to pvp and can not be attacked, this is to let the new players have time to get better equiped, after 24 hours if you ask a staff member they will be glad to promote you to builder. spawn killing is not allowed and is bad sportsmanship.
[5] Stealing and Raiding is allowed, but griefing is not allowed! using TNT to break threw someones walls or break there chests is allowed but further damage is not allowed and is considered griefing! break these rules and they will result in punishment depending on the crime.
Info and Support
[6] Before asking questiongs please explore spawn and read about our plugins and commands. Staff members are there to help you but we don't want to hear that you are to lazy to look things up on your own, staff will help if you have done these things and still do not understand something. use /help to see all commands that are avalible to you. /plugins to see all our plugins.
[7] Have fun! We are happy to have you on the server! Obey the rules and we can all get along! :)

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