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HeartGold Pixelmon

HeartGold Pixelmon |3.4|Cracked|Survival|Factions|


HeartGold Pixelmon | Cracked | No Lag, Dedicated Server | Mature Community |

Welcome to HeartGold Pixelmon.

Pixelmon Version 3.3.8


Website: Http://

Our server features

-Monthly Tournaments
-A Realistic Economy
-Hardcore Gyms, Elite4, Champions
-Kanto, Johto, Sinnoh, Hoenn, Unova Region Gyms/Elite4 & Champion
-Big, Mature And Friendly Community
-Training Warps
-EV Training Warps
-Night PVP
-Team Magma and Team Aqua
Many more for you to find out!

If you're unsure of how to setup Pixelmon, visit our forum here on how to setup!

Coming Soon

Starter Pack For Everyone's First Join!
-10x Poke Ball
-1x Pokedex
-1x Iron Shovel
-1x Iron Pickaxe
-1x Iron Axe
-1x Iron Hammer
-1x Iron Sword
-1x Iron Hoe
-32x Steak
-5x Rare Candy

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