This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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DominusNetwork-Roman Based Faction Server


Dominus Network is a roman based faction server.Where you began as a slave and move your way up to richs.So how do you
do this? by making powerful armys powerful bases and defeating anyone who is in your way.Can You Handle It? Join Now At to find out and lead or join an army today.

In Game do /buy for cool donor perks!

Dominus Includes A Cool bounty plugin

How To Use The Bounty System

This bounty system is based on heads.

Example: Let's pretend that I have a grievance against a player named mbaxter, but I'm too lazy to find and kill him, so I decide to place a bounty on his head. I type /bounty place mbaxter 100 which creates a bounty for $100 against him. On this server, the tax rate is 5% so I pay $105. A bounty hunter, diego96 comes along and checks the active bounties with /bounty list. He could use the cash so he decides to go after mbaxter. Diego tracks down mbaxter, killing him, and claiming his head. Diego now types /bounty claim while holding the skull. The skull is whisked away to me (or stored for me to type /bounty redeem at a later time if I am not online or my inventory is full) and Diego receives $100. The evil mbaxter has been slain, I receive his head, and Diego receives his $100.

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