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WEBSITE: FORUMS: VOTE: Servers: Survival: Start with some basic tools to build your empire fro the ground up! battle other players in our custom terrain or be at peace and explore the vast world full of surprises! Ranks: I II III IV V Staff Ranks: Moderator Admin How do i rank up in survival? Easy, all you have to do is kill other players! if you have less thank 100 players your rank is "I" kill more and you get a promotion e.g. 200 players killed gets you to rank "II" and 300 gets you rank "III" and so on. Creative: Show off to friends and other players what you can do. or start on a project with others. if your good enough we will allow you to build in the blank terrain world custom generated just for creative! Ranks: Default Builder Architect Staff Ranks: Moderator Admin How do i rank up in creative? You can get promoted by voting for us. 10 votes gets you to the rank builder but in order to become an Architect you must impress us with your building skills! Prison: Earn your freedom by completing jobs such as mining resources and chopping trees which you can sell at the shop. become the most feared in the prison or help guard others! Ranks: C B A Elite Free Guard Ranks: C-Guard B-Guard A-Guard Head-Guard Staff Ranks: Moderator Warden How do i get out of the prison? Escape is not possible, However you can earn your freedom by reaching the rank "free" How do i rank up in the prison server Collect resources from mines and the tree farm which can be sold at the prison shop. Thrive at pvp and take what you can! "B" which is the first buyuble rank you can get cost's 15,000 and each rank progressiveness costs more but per promotion you get means better and more expensive resources can be sold. Do you accept transfers? Yes! if you can prove what rank you had in another prison (A well known one) then you will be given a rank lower from the one which you transferred from. Note: Staff ranks are not transferable. Survival Games: Wanna' bit of fun with ya' mates? or want to prove you are the ultimate "survivor" Ranks: Default Survivor Epic Staff Ranks: Mod Admin How do i rank up in the Survival Game server? The longer you play means the higher the rank you will achieve. play for 12 hours and become a "Survivor." Play for 24 and you will get the rank "Epic." Donating: More Info at

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