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Kingdoms Past!


KingdomsPast is welcoming to people of all backgrounds and ages.
Children under the age of 14 are encouraged to be supervised by a parent or guardian.
Use /amsg to message the admins (King, Queens, Lord, and Lady) and mods (Nightblades) for griefing, reporting of bugs or issues, requesting help, requesting to advertise, and any other needs.
Our laws are few, but we adhere to them strictly with no favoritism.

  1. Griefing is forbidden. Griefers will be banned immediately, with the damage being rolled back.
  2. Foul language is unacceptable. First violation is punishable by a 50,000 pents fine and a 10 minute temporary mute. Subsequent offenses are punishable up to permanent bans.
  3. Spamming and caps lock messages are vexatious and thus discouraged. First violation is punishable by a 10,000 pents fine. Subsequent violations may be punishable from mute up to permanent bans.
  4. Trolling, flaming, and discriminatory remarks and actions are punishable from 100,000 pents fine up to permanent bans.
  5. Players will not ask or beg to be a Nightblade or King/Queen/Lord/Lady. If you wish to become one, you can apply by messaging
    HeraldMageVanyel and Idra_Lynn. The application can be found at
  6. Respect must be given to all, especially to the staff. Chivalry is not dead in KingdomsPast. Disrespect to others and staff will result
    in a kick up to a permanent ban.
  7. Builds must be at least 500 blocks away from the spawn kingdom and must be larger than a single block tower.

All possessions of permanently banned players will be auctioned off at an estate sale hosted at the auction house.
Homes of permanently banned players will either be demolished or auctioned off.
All money gained will go to the victim(s) or held within an account to be used as rewards.

As there are rules for players, there are rules for Kings, Queens, Lords, Ladies, and Nightblades as well.
We vow to uphold the laws. Failure to do so may constitute in removal of powers.
Abuse of power is intolerable. Tyrants will result in removal of powers, 500,000 pents fine and up to a permanent ban.
Spawning blocks or items for other players is considered cheating and abuse of powers. Violation of this will constitute in removal of powers. The only exception to this rule is if the blocks or items are given as a birthday gift, anniversary gift or as a reward for a building contest or as a reward for being a good Samaritan.

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