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TheUnlighted Network

TheUnlighted Network


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The Unlighted is a wonderful server, featuring Skyblock, Survival, and a soon to come Zombie Apocalypse server. Our servers feature many plugins to keep you from getting bored. Our Skyblock server has a wonderful Large custom island that you can choose from, but we also kept the default island for those that do not find it challenging enough. Our Survival server features an amazingly custom map unlike most people have ever seen. Out Zombie Apocalypse server will feature hordes of zombies in a open PvP world created by our staff, along with numerous weapons. The servers do allow cursing to an extent (Racism or other Discriminatory words are NOT tolerated!), so if you can't handle cursing i wouldn't bother joining up. When you join Please let us know you came from Mineservers and if you ask a question please give us time we may be working on something.
We hope to see you soon!
Unlighted Staff

DarkFoxDie - Owner - Developer
WhoaxxItsxTasha - Owner - Community Manager
Jackkrauser932 - Co-Owner - Developer

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