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TheAirCNetwork provides high quality standards between players and staff members.
We have a small friendly community right now, and are looking to expand with players.
We have friendly staff and friendly players. We have an up and running, NON Lag server looking for new players.
Staff positions are available, but we will not just promote anybody. We're currently looking for dedicated players before
having someone join our small family.
The server is running a version of 1.10.2, including votifier.
It's currently a sole based SkyBlock server with expansion under-way for Factions, SkyWars and even MarioSprint!

SkyBlock, ShopGUIPlus, AuctionHouse, BuyCraftX, CustomEnchantments, CustomOreGen and many more.
Because of 1.10.2 feature, we have also added the "StopPushing" plugin so players do not get pushed off their island.
If you're missing Skyblock due to another server not having it, you have come to the right place.
We hold advanced "GIVEAWAYS" every month, with chances to win ranks. However, the buy option is always available.

The buying option includes;
RANKS, PERMISSIONS - E.G: (Fly, Feed, Heal ect.) SPAWNERS, BLACK MARKET (Super tools)
Player vaults are also available to players in availability.
So if you're looking to have a bit of fun, then we're looking forward to seeing you there.

TheAirCNetwork Team.

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