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Sunflower Kingdom


Welcome to Sunflower Kingdom!

This is a 24/7 whitelisted vanilla server looking for a community!

As of right now the map is BRAND NEW (30th August.) The map is intended to remain active for as long as the majority of the community want it (so usually around half a year.)

The server is intended to act like a democracy. No major changes will occur unless the majority of players agree to it.

The server has a website where votes and discussions can be made, and eventually applications. It can be found at

The server is 4GB and hosted from the UK, with the intent to stay up indefinitely. Whether you're from the US or Australia, the connection to the server will be great either way.


Stealing is NOT allowed.

Do not ask for spawned items or teleports. Everyone plays on survival, even ops.

Griefing is NOT allowed. The map gets backed up regularly so it's your own time that you're wasting.

No hacking, using modifications or see-through texture packs/cheat packs. The only mod currently allowed is Optifine.

Use common sense. Don't be stupid.

Do NOT kill the Ender Dragon. This is done as a server event.
Recommended: (Not official rules)

Do NOT hit pigmen in the Nether. This will cause a swarm of pigmen which harrasses all other players in the Nether. Try to be careful if you need to hit a pigman, and don't hit them around other people.

Engage with the community on the forums! This will encourage newer players to engage in the community also.
Server IP:

Post an application on the forum!

Good luck! And hope to see you on the server!

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